Feisty old mage




Hubert the Third was not much loved by his father, Hubert the Second, who decreed that his son “shall serve as my page boy until the day I die.” Hubert the Second lived to be 98 years old.

Sour at being forced to be a page boy for 75 years, Hubert is now ready to face the world, to prove the true extent of his magnificent potential. He is certain he will lead the party to glory and often states such… before becoming distracted by a bauble or shiny object, and forgetting everything else.

His many years spent keeping track of his fathers affairs have instilled Hubert with an unmatched meticulousness for detail. He tracks and logs the most mundane events in his journals – of which he has now produced several libraries worth.

His magic focus is his component pouch, which dangles from his belt down between his legs. The potency of his magic increases when he grips his pouch while casting his spells, and he often does so with vigour.

Hubert has lost more teeth than he has left. He may be a youthful 75, but he appears closer to 100. He tends to rush about in combat with his robes hiked up revealing his knobby knees and clogs. His senses are so dulled by now that he doesn’t mind Xugag’s somewhat interesting odour, nor does he pay attention to Nanda’s creeping and buzzing insects, which often find interest in Hubert’s slightly ajar mouth.

He smells of lilacs after a spring shower.


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