The Soulblight

Session One Summary

The Birth of the Misfits of Wildwood

Session Number One – The Journey Into the Tanglewood Begins

Session Start Date: 15 November 1775

Session End Date: 19 November 1775

Players: Dale, Chris, Jeff and Andrew
Characters: Hubert, Xugag, Nanda, Ortwin and Dex


15 November – The Restful Ranger – The Genesis of the Misfits of Wildwood

• K’Lossis Maragin introduces the need for volunteers
• Snow Goblins have descended down from their traditional mountaintop caves
• Normally Snow Goblins are only a problem in the highest mountain passes and usually only to the Northeast of Wildwood
• Selection is done by the 8 Lieutenants of the Northern Huntsmen
• Throughout the selection the party are overlooked by the Lieutenants – often in a less than positive way
• On completion of selection only a handful of people have not been selected
• After process is complete Ortwin tries to find out from Durmik why they were rejected
• Durmik points out that they are all Misfits and didn’t deserve to be selected
• Hubert, Dex, Nanda, Ortwin and Xugag conclude that if they are Misfits that they will be Misfits together
• The Misfits of Wildwood are born
• The Misfits decide they will show everyone and will contribute with or without having been selected
• They proceed to Talon’s Outfitters (Dex’s Father’s Shop) and gear up for the Cold Weather
• Nanda departs prior to this to locate a suitable “Sled Dog”
• They all agree to meet the next morning prior to first light at the Restful Ranger

16 November – The Restful Ranger, Northeastern Shore of Lake Everchill – The Misfits proceed into the Wilds

• After a hearty breakfast at the Restful Ranger the Misfits prepare to depart
• Durmik provides a few parting shots which the Misfits allow to roll off of them
• Nanda introduces the party to their Sled Dog, Stinky, an animal companion that has an interesting resemblance to Nanda
• The party head off along the now frozen surface of Lake Everchill – heading Northeastward
• The day passes slowly but uneventfully as they get used to their snow shoes, their gear and travelling with each other
• The camp for the night on the Shore of the Lake

17 November – Northeastern Shore of Lake Everchill – Ice Troll Attack

• As the party awakes after passing their first and uneventful night in the Wilds, the weather begins to turn
• They travel along the shore because the ice is dodgy in this portion of Lake Everchill
• As the approach a stream crossing, Hubert and Stinky notice a large form clutching a tree about 50 feet away
Encounter 1: Ice Troll
• An Ice Troll Attacks!!
• Hubert and Nanda startled by the appearance of the Troll hold and reposition.
• The Troll charges in to engage Xugag
• Dex, Xugag and Ortwin engage the Troll
• Hubert cast Colour Spray – the Troll is overcome by the spell and flees the group
• The opportunity attacks caused by the Troll fleeing cause it to drop unconscious
• It’s regenerative powers see it come back to and nearly deal Xugag a death blow
• Hubert rushes into combat with a burning torch wielded like a club
• Hubert miraculously takes the Troll down and burns its unconscious body
• The party find the Trolls cave and discover some treasure as well as a deceased and partially eaten Huntsman
• The weather takes a real turn for the worse and the party decide to encamp in the Ice Troll’s Cave

17-19 November – the Ice Troll’s Cave – Blizzard!

• The party spend from the evening of 17 November to the morning of 19 November holed up in the Ice Cave
• Several feet of snow fall and the winds are horrific
• Weather finally breaks overnight on 18 November and the morning of 19 November is a cold but fine day.

Next Session Start Point

• Early Morning 19 November 1775
• Departing the Ice Troll’s Cave

Key NPCs from this Session

• K’Lossis Maragin: Captain of the Northern Huntsmen and original member of the Order of the Wild
• Durmik: Lieutenant of the Northern Huntsmen (bad attitude towards the party)
• Drurius: Retired Northern Huntsmen – his daughter (Corrina) was selected as one of the augmentees
• Celwyn: Private Huntsmen from the Area (was sleeping during selection process) was selected as Augmentee
• Ryan Scalden: Deceased Huntsmen found in Ice Troll Cave


Treasure: 200 gp, 220 sp, +1 Dagger, and Boots of Striding and Springing

Experience Points: 30 xp each
Cumulative Experience: 30 xp each



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