The Soulblight

Session Five Summary

Session Number Five – Homing in on the Snow Goblin’s Cave Complex

Session Start Date: 4 December 1775 – early morning

Session End Date: 7 December 1775 – early morning

Players: Chris, Dale, and Jeff

Characters: Hubert, Hargrim (Weeble), and Xugag

Absent: Andrew (Ortwin)


4-5 December – Mountaineering – Deep in the Silverrun River Valley

  • Session Four Recap: At the end of the day on 3 December the party arrives at the Forward operating cave of the Snow Goblins. They scout it out and realize that in the 10 days since they left the cave that it does not appear to have been reoccupied. They encamp nearby, still deciding not to risk being surprised in the cave.
  • The morning of 4 December breaks on a snowy and cold day.
  • The Misfits prepare to venture into unknown territory higher and deeper into the Valley.
  • The rate of travel is significantly slowed compared to what the Misfits are used to lower in the range of mountains. The howling wind, driving snow and altitude coupled with the treacherous terrain all serve to slow their progress.
  • The 4th of December nonetheless passes uneventfully.
  • The weather improves slightly on the 5th of December, the snow stops but the wind continues.
  • Mid-Afternoon, after the terrain opens up along the ridge they are climbing, the group spot a couple moving figures ahead of them. Hubert recognizes that they are Snow Goblins and that they are travelling in the same direction as the party.
  • They follow the Snow Goblins for the remainder of the afternoon.
  • With only a few hours of light remaining, the snow goblins turn upwards into the cut of a ravine that has been made by a fast-flowing stream. The ravine climbs a hundred feet or so and ends at the base of a long, steep cliff. The stream that runs down the ravine also plummets off the cliff in a long, frozen waterfall.
  • The Misfits decide to explore the area for a suitable encampment and perhaps an alternate means of approaching the base of the cliff.
  • While Xugag searches for an alternate means of scaling to the cliff base, Hubert and Hargrim make camp in a well-sheltered niche in the rocky face of the ridgeline.
  • Xugag successfully locates an alternate route and returns to their encampment with the news.
  • The night passes with each of the party in turn hearing the distinct noises of snow goblins passing close by their encampment – Hubert and Hargrim determine that every 4 hours or so a group of 6-8 snow goblins passes. They conclude that the goblins are on a routine patrol because of the steady frequency.

6-7 December – The Ice-Fall Caves

  • In the later part of the night, Hubert prepares for the day, casting Mage Armour and using his Arcane Recovery to restore the magical energy his armour consumed.
  • The party depart their encampment, leaving the sledge and Weeble behind.
  • They pack up the critical ice-climbing and survival gear they feel they will require and head towards the alternate pathway that Xugag located.
  • They successfully arrive at the base of the waterfall. Approaching cautiously, they spot two Snow Goblin Ice Strikers moving through a small treed area on the opposite side of the stream from their approach. They remain hidden and observe the goblins.
  • The two Ice Strikers cautiously approach the small lake at the base of the falls and toss a dead deer into the lake. They then wait a couple moments before climbing the Ice Flow.
  • Just before they climb in behind the waterfall, one of the two Ice Strikers spot the party. Hurriedly, the Ice Striker pulls a golden orb from his belt-pouch, activates it and tosses it into the lake. A moment later, a sonic burst erupts from within the lake shattering a portion of the lake’s ice cover.
  • The Snow Goblins hurry in behind the waterfall.
  • The Misfits decide that discretion is the better part of valour, instead of pressing forward they decide to withdrawl.
  • The Misfits are able to hunt down a similar “offering” like the goblins made and return to try the same approach as the goblins used.
  • The “offering” is tossed into the lake by Hargrim who sees something large grab it from the surface.
  • They then cautiously climb up the ice flow to the waterfall.
  • Hargrim, unfortunately slips and falls onto the frozen surface of the lake but is lucky that the ice holds him. Hubert assists him in regaining the ice flow and they step into the open space behind the waterfall.
  • The three party members see that the waterfall hides a small and ice-coated cave network and decide to explore.

Encounter 7: In the Ice-Fall Caves – Late Afternoon on 6 December 1775

Enemies: 2 Snow Goblin Ice Strikers, 4 Snow Goblins and 1 Dire Wolf

  • Just as Hubert and Hargrim join Xugag in the Ice-Fall Cave, two Ice Strikers step out into the narrow passageway in front of them and fire arrows. Luckily the hasty shots ricochet ineffectually off the ice-fall behind the Misfits.
  • Hubert cast light on his sling stone and hurls the ad-hoc torch into the room to illuminate their targets.
  • Xugag closes the distance quickly, landing a glancing blow on one of the two Ice Strikers.
  • Hargrim reaches out to Orin and calls forth the power of his deity to Bless the party.
  • Hubert the Combat Hardened Mage rushes into the fray attacking the already injured Ice Striker with his magic dagger and lands a solid blow.
  • The now seriously injured Ice Striker withdraws and climbs up the side of the cave.
  • Hargrim rushes forward, emboldened by the power of Orin and lands a critical strike on the withdrawing Ice Striker, felling it!
  • The remaining Ice Striker, in response to its fallen comrade, lands an equally critical blow against Xugag.
  • The Ice Striker then withdraws quickly, fleeing up an ice shaft on the far side of the cave.
  • Xugag seriously injures the Striker with his bow and Hubert fells the creature with his sling, further cementing his reputation as a Combat-Mage.
  • The falling dead Ice Striker lands with a mushy thump on top of Xugag who fails to side step in time.
  • As they try to collect themselves for a brief second, they are not given any time to think as two Snow Goblins climb into view in the Ice shaft above them.
  • The two are quickly killed. One by Xugag’s bow and the other by a well placed sling-stone from Hubert.
  • Hargrim begins to climb up the shaft and encounters resistance from more goblins.
  • One of the two climbs to engage Hargrim while the other fires with its bow.
  • Hubert climbs up to join Hargrim who braces into the shaft against the potential onslaught of goblins and attacks with an Mining Pick. Hargrim kills the goblin and allows it to slide past Hubert.
  • Xugag, anticipating that one of his companions might fall, is surprised as the goblin plummets towards him and he catches it.
  • The remaining snow goblin delivers a critical hit against Hargrim with its bow.
  • Hubert climbs past Hargrim to engage the snow goblin but misses due to his precarious position. Xugag climbs to join them and Hubert delivers the death blow to the last snow goblin.
  • Hargrim curses as he realizes that he has left his Bec de Corbin, recently crafted for him in Wildwood, at the bottom of the cave network.
  • Depsite this fact, they push upwards to determine where the cave network goes before their lose the advantage of momentum and surprise.
  • They work their way through a fairly elaborate ice and stone cave network and just as they emerge onto the cliff top, Hubert and Xugag spot a Winter Wolf burrowed into a close by snow bank.
  • Hubert attacks the Wolf for maximum effect with his magic dagger but is dealt a severe bite in return by the Wolf.
  • Xugag engages the Wolf and after a couple well placed blows drops the creature.
  • The quickly look around and spot the decorated entrance to an Ice Cave network about 700 feet up the stream.
  • They realize that they are exposed where they are and Hargrim decides to venture solo into the Ice-Fall Caves to search the bodies and retrieve his Bec de Corbin
  • Xugag and Hubert scout 15-20 minutes away from the stream into covering territory and chose a spot to set up camp for an overnight rest before venturing towards the Main Snow Goblin Cave Complex.
  • Hargrim rejoins them about an hour later with his retrieved Bec and with some well deserved monetary and magical rewards.

Next Session Start Point

  • Early Morning 7 December 1775
  • Encamped near the Snow Goblin Cave Complex on top of the Cliff.
  • Preparing to foray into the Main Snow Goblin Cave Complex.

Key NPCs from this Session

  • None


Treasure: 28 gp, 140 ep, 1 potion of climbing, 1 Sonic-Orb (Golden Orb)
Experience Points: 140 xp each (420 XP total including evaded threats)
Cumulative Experience: 409 xp each



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