Wildwood is a small city located in the northernmost reaches of the City-State of Dorovinaire. Located deep in the eastern part of the Tanglewood, Wildwood takes its name from two distinct sources, the Order of the Wild who founded the small city and the wildness of the surrounding Tanglewood. The small community is the only settlement between Istradeep and the Kirogal Pass, the overland trade route to the former Kingdom of Solarisis and the eastern portion of Central Volarinth. To get to Wildwood from Istradeep is a 75 mile voyage through fairly challenging terrain – a steeply rising, heavily wooded mountain valley that leads to the Kirogal Pass.

It is hardy folk who make their permanent home in Wildwood. Huntsmen, Rangers, Druids, and Woodsmen form a disproportionate number of the population as well as a significant group of residents who support the trade route through the city. Those include Traders, Mercenaries, Guardsmen and the like.

Population: 550; an additional 200 or so have settled in the surrounding region. The populace of Wildwood is mostly humans and kith (dwarves) but, being a town on a primary trade route, members of all races are commonly seen. The least common are dragonborn and tieflings, only a couple of families having established themselves as permanent residents in the town.

Government: Wildwood is justly ruled by a hereditary oligarchy, The Order of the Wild; an adventuring company who established the town more than four decades ago. Although the original members of the Order are nearing their seventh decade many remain active in the community and many of their progeny have joined the ranks of the Order and the younger generation now forms the active adventuring portion of the organization. The Order remains relatively aloof from the day-to-day governance leaving the responsibility for the town’s justice, defense and laws with their appointed representative, the Lord’s Mayor. The Order also appoints a town council and constabulary to assist the Lord’s Mayor with the execution of his duties. Currently, the Lord’s Mayor of Wildwood is a half-fyrri (half-elf) named Dalrian Shahar; a blood relative of an original member of the Order of the Wild, Din Shahar.

Defense: The Wildwood Constabulary numbers 20 full time guards/constables who are primarily responsible for law enforcement but are also prepared to lead the Militia in the defense of Wildwood in times of trouble. The Lord’s Mayor can call upon a Militia of 50 volunteers on relatively short notice and because of the nature of the town’s location and its populace can easily generate another 50-100 non-militia members for the defence of the city if needed. The Northern Huntsmen, an eclectic mix of approximately 15 woodsmen, rangers, warlocks and druids, report directly to the Order of the Wild and are responsible for the security of the region surrounding the town; including the roadways and the Kargonil Pass. The Huntsmen, like the Constabulary, are also tasked with the defense of the town and leadership of the Militia in difficult times.

Organizations of Interest: There are several organizations of interest in Wildwood that distinguish the Town from a normal community of its size. These organizations are located in Wildwood due to the influential figures, the Order of the Wild, who have attracted a significant population base of adventurers, scholars and learned folk. The organizations are:

The Arcane Academy: The Arcane Academy, commonly referred to as The Academy, is a small school that instructs fledgling wizards and warlocks in the application of their craft. The small group of scholars, sages, wizards and warlocks who make up the faculty of the Academy also offer education to those members of the community who can afford the tuition and time. Actual Arcane students at the Academy are rare, normally only a few students enter the actual Arcane Faculty per year. Often the Arcane portion of the Academy’s tutelage remains devoid of students. Mundane students numbering approximately 20 at any given time make up the normal student base. Normally local children between the age of 8 and 16, these students study arithmetic, math, science, arcane lore, nature and some religion. The Academy also offers sage and scribe services for a nominal fee. The founder of the Academy Leorius, one of the first Wizards in the region to regain his powers after the Disjunction, remains the Dean of the Academy. His friend and adventuring companion of old, Nevril Swinch, a Parbelin Warlock, continues to teach aspiring Warlocks the secret of their trade. He is more commonly found at the Academy since handing the leadership of the Skylords (see below) over to his eldest son Pergo.

The Watchers: The Watchers are a secretive group of less than half a dozen spies and rogues employed and trained by the Order of the Wild. The presence of this organization in Wildwood is not common knowledge. Vrytag Taskel is the current leader and original founder of the Watchers. He is in his late 60’s but remains spry and astute – he is often mistaken for a man of half his age. Many have met Vrytag in his normal disguise as the local curmudgeon, Bellis, who rants of better days before the disjunction but none other than the closest friends of the Order realize he is in fact the Spy-Master of the Watchers. Few know his true appearance.

The Skylords: The Skylords is a small group of aerial pilots dating from before the Magical Disjunction. The Skylords have a blood-pact with the Dorovinian Windlords who make their home in the Spire’s natural, lake-facing caves. They also maintain artifacts pre-dating the Disjunction, two Magian Aerial Skimmers, and search to retrieve/reinvent the rituals to control and re-activate the artifacts. Nevril Swinch, the founder of the Skylords has recently retired in his capacity as their leader, leaving the job to his eldest son, Pergo Swinch.

Inns: The Restful Ranger; the Hearth Stone. The Hearth Stone is well known for its service and quality but is limiting in price for most locals, the preferred Inn for travelers of moderate means is the Restful Ranger due to its better prices and diverse clientele.

Taverns: The Water’s Edge; the Frosty Flagon; the Thirsty Dragon.

Supplies: Pellerack and Sons (General Store); Talon’s Outfitters (Adventuring and Travel Gear).

Temples: The Temple of Solarus (Pelor); the Monastery of Drynn (Ioun); the Church of Tayalla (Avandra); Shrine of Volaris (Melora).

Other Locations of Interest in or around Wildwood:

The Spire: The Stronghold of the Order of the Wild

Lake Everchill: A deep lake frozen during winter where the population of Wildwood fish. In spring, summer and fall the small wide boats typical of Istradavian Fisherman ply their trade. In the winter Ice-Fishing shacks are built and holes are maintained to continue the steady provision of the deep water fish of the lake.

The Kirogal Pass: An ancient pass through the mountains that was named during the height of the Kithic Thanedom on the region. Re-opened in 1724 by the Order of the Wild, the pass remains a reliable but seasonal means of accessing the eastern areas of Dorovinaire and beyond that the plainlands of the Volar, the Medhasis and the Ruins of the former Kingdom of Solarsis.

Services and Shops in Wildwood

Potion Dealer
Book Seller
Jeweler/Gem Cutter
Lumber Yard
Net maker
Brick maker
Bait and Tackle Shop
Shipwright (repair only)
Basket weaver
Cheese maker (G’Thark’s Arse Cheese)
Brewery (Cider and Winter Ale)
Boarding House
Fish monger
Kennel/Dog Trainer
Livestock Yard
Horse Trainer

History of Wildwood

In 1724 the area of the Tanglewood became the battleground between a Cult of Cyrallar headed by the Stygian Lich Hargonnak and the forces of the City of Istradeep. During the lead-up to this war an adventuring company named the Order of the Wild established themselves as local heroes. During the war against Hargonnak the Order was pivotal in overthrowing the Lich and ensuring the safety of the people of Istradeep. After the defeat of Hargonnak, the Order of the Wild was granted the lands of the Eastern Tanglewood for their efforts. The Thane of Istradeep charged them with re-opening the Kirogal Pass and establishing a safe trade route between the regions of Dorovinaire east of the pass. The Order succeeded. The area around Lake Everchill, where the Order chose to establish their stronghold, known only as “The Spire”, saw a rapid influx of followers, settlers and traders. A small village sprang up in the spring of 1725 and grew rapidly due to the interest that the Order attracted, the fact that the overland trade-route through the Kargonil Pass was reopened and particularly due to the fact that the Magical Disjunction in 1726 destabilized the arcane and elemental forces, eliminating the possibility of aerial travel and trade.

NPCs of Note in Wildwood

Rylane Balkeris – Captain of the Wildwood Constabulary


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