Nandahuan (Swampdog)

Wood Elf Druid


Nanda is that type of Wood Elf that Wood Elves do not tell outsiders about. Luckily, feeling the burden of their community’s disapproval, most have the good sense to keep close to home. Some stay in the enclave, other goes deeper in the forest, seeking Volaris.

You see, Nanda is actually Nandahuan. Nandahuan is Sylvan for Swamp Dog. Nanda is neither particularly tall, and certainly not good looking, not skilled with a bow, shiny sword or arcane magic. If there is another elvish stereotype you’d like to name, Nandahuan isn’t that either. When young, Nanda showed an interest in those things creepy-crawly, dark, dank, buzzing, creeping and slithery. Not unlike any other teenaged boy but, and much to the dismay of his parents, friends and elders, the creepies also felt an attachment to Nanda. Seldom was (is) the moment when some crawling creature cannot be found in Nanda’s pocket, pouch or under his hat. If it were not for the Druids of Volaris, its very likely Nanda’s life might have turned out just plain miserable (think of the Sylvan version of emo and unemployed).

The Druids, however, helped Nanda to recognize the gift that had been bestowed upon him and the strength that might be found in the bond he held naturally with the less regal denizens of the forest. Recognizing that Volaris had chosen to provide him this gift, Nanda’s confidence blossomed. And with confidence, so grew Nanda’s understanding of how to manipulate his natural bonds.

That said, now that he has left the forest, that confidence burns internally. Outwardly, Nanda would look to someone as follows:

He generally appears unkept and unwashed.
There are nearly always some type of local fly (normally several of them) in trail of Nanda.
That might be a newt in his pocket…. or he might just be happy to see you.

Nandahuan (Swampdog)

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