Hargrim Ruulburgrarskegg

Paladin of Orin


Heretic (Bounty) Hunter/Inquisitor – Hargrim is a bounty hunter/inquisitor on behalf of the Temple of Orin. His tasks and responsibilities are much the same as any common bounty hunter, however, his “marks” or bounties are supplied by the Temple and he is charged with delivering those “marks” to Temple for “further inquisition”. The world being what it is, a varied and open religious society, Hargim’s marks invariably consist of only Kith and in that, only those who worship such dieties that disrupt good and orderly Kith society; specifically Nul-Toren and Chaldon. In order to determine the severity of the transgression, Hargrim has been empowered by the Temple to complete “on site fact finding” (read – up to and including torture) as necessary.

The first born son of a devout and ancient Kith-Zathan clan, Hargrim was societally problematic from a young age. Quick to anger, intollerant and critical of others who did not align closely to Orin’s teachings. Rather than moderate his behaviour, the Temple seized upon his nature, encouraging and nurturing it with an eye to future employment. Through his teens, Hargrim was mentored equally by Orin’s priests, its holy warriors and atypically to a Paladin, by those with darker skills able to assist others
in revealing their secrets.

Hargrim is currently on the lookout for Haal Hammerfist, author of “A Manifesto on Nul-Toren and the Downfall of Kith Society”

Hargrim Ruulburgrarskegg

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