Dexter Drublin (Dex)

Parbelin (Halfling) Rogue


Dexter Drublin, more commonly known as Dex, is the fifth of seven children, his two much younger twin sisters being almost 12 years his junior. His father and mother Talon Drublin and Sylvus Swinch were both well known for their earlier years of adventuring out of the City of Dorovinaire but retired long ago. His siblings have all made names for themselves in their fields of interest but he has always been too lazy (acording to his father) and to sensitive (acording to his mother) to make much of himself.

Until recently, he has never strayed far from home, preferring to linger around in the shadowed aisles and shelves of his parent’s outfitting company, Talon’s Outfitters, or at best to wander the back alleys of the City of Dorovinaire observing those he felt were much more adventurous than he could ever be. He has always enjoyed remaining out of the public eye and well out of sight of his parents so found stepping forward into any sort of field of interest was beyond anything he was capable of. It wasn’t until his life was turned upside down that this changed for him.

The pivotal moment in his life occurred when his parent announced that they had decided to “transplant” their outfitting business from Dorovinaire to the birthplace of his mother, Wildwood, a small city deep in the Istradavian Thanedom. It took some research for Dex to figure out where Wildwood was and when he figured out just how far off the beaten path this small city was he was convinced his parents had gone crazy. All of his older siblings having left home long ago, he found himself responsible for looking after his younger sisters, Tayla and May, on the long caravan journey to Wildwood. This trip proved to be an adventure in and of itself, exposing him to the dangers of the wilds as well as the consequences of of encounters with the denizens that populate the untamed areas. His ability to remain out of sight surely saved his twin sisters when he was able to shelter them during an unfortunate attack on the caravan that was made by a group of Tarok.

After having finally settled in Wildwood and helped his parents to launch their business, he took to skulking about the shadows of his new home as he had previously done in Dorovinaire. Little did he know, that his skulking about, despite being an attempt to remain “unnoticed” had the exact opposite effect. It didn’t take long before a member of a small group of elite spies within Wildwood, The Watchers, noticed his penchant for subterfuge and stealth. He had unnexpectedly found his calling and was apprenticed by Vesper, a member of the Watchers.

Vesper directed that his apprenticeship remain a secret, even from his parents, and Dex found this both intriguing and exhilarating. Under the tutelage of Vesper he learned all aspects of espionage, stealth and even some weapon skills. Vesper often assigned him “missions” that seemed at best mundane and at worst ridiculous but his new-found affiliation with the Watchers – an organization he was made aware of by Vesper but which he was not yet permitted to be “aware” of – was sufficient to make him hold his tongue on his poor opinion of Vesper’s mission choices.

Vesper ensured that Dex’s knack for observation was refined to build a repertoire of “secrets” about Wildwood, whether it was the liaisons that teens made in the fringes of the woods or the silent comings and goings of the Northern Huntsmen that he tracked, Dex slowly developed a deep understanding of the secret > \s behind the calm exterior of Wildwood.

In the course of his tasked observations, one individual that always managed to intrigue Dex was a reclusive (some would say repulsive) individual who he learned went by the name of Nandahuan. Nanda, or Swampdog, was a member of the Druids of Volaris who were a well respected organization within Wildwood, but despite the Druid’s good name within Wildwood, Swampdog always remained on the periphery> …> this intrigued Dex. He took to following Nanda on his travels through the deep braken of the Tanglewood, the bogs and swamps aroung Lake Everchill and other such natural areas. This tested Dex’s stealth abilities to the max as he was used to remaining hidden in an urban environment (or relatively urban in the case of Wildwood). Nanda obvious love of all things within the natural world, and in particular his obvious love of those “lesser” creatures that most would find distasteful, fascinated Dex. His curiosity finally overcame his reluctance to engage and he approached Swampdog in the hopes of learning more about the natural world. Initially shocked and hesitant, Swampdog was won over by Dex’s obvious enthusiasm about the natural world as well as Dex’s apparent ability to overlook his unkempt appearance and ever-present insect/vermin companions.

Together they took to exploring the wilds around Wildwood, Dex learned much about the natural world, including begin a study of natural poisons. Vesper was initially annoyed by this unexpected turn of events, but after discussing it with Dex, recognized that this merely represented an opportunity to expand Dex’s network outward from the city and into an entirely different direction than most would have considered useful.

Over the coming months, Swampdog and Dex became fast friends…they enjoyed flowers and unicorns and long walks on the beach together…blah blah blah…

Dexter Drublin (Dex)

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