The Soulblight

Session Three Summary

Wolves aren't nice...

Session Number Three – The Snow Goblin Forward Lair

Session Start Date: 19 November 1775 – early evening

Session End Date: 21 November 1775 – early evening

Players: Dale, Jeff, and Andrew
Characters: Hubert, Nanda, Ortwin and Dex
Absent: Chris (Xugag)


19 November – Aftermath of the Rescue of Durmik’s Huntsmen

• As the party survey the battlefield they begin to recognize the scope of the results.
• Dex lays unconscious as does all the Huntsmen except Durmik
• The Misfits quickly take stock of the survivors and those fallen, heal those who are healable and gather those who has died.
• Durmik is contrite and apologetic about his bad behaviour in Wildwood and says that the Misfits should not have been so lightly dismissed.
• After carefully searching the area, discussing what happened and determining that an unexplored set of Snow Goblin tracks continues to the North East (further up and into the Silverrun Valley) they decide on a plan of action.
• With the assistance and tutorship of Durmik, the group displace themselves off the main path, cover their tracks and heal and rest for the night. They bring the bodies of the fallen huntsmen into the wooded area and mark the shallow snow-burial sites where they decide to preserve them until a pick up at a later date.
• They leave the bodies of the Snow Goblins and Drakes for the wild animals.
20-21 November – Parting of Ways – The Misfits on the Trail
• After waking and having as hearty a breakfast as possible in the wild the group learns that Durmik intends to return to Wildwood with the remainder of his scouting group in order to report to the Northern Huntsmen on events to date.
• He promises to notify the Huntsmen that the Misfits have taken responsibility for this sector until Durmik’s group reconstitutes and returns.
• They part ways with the Huntsmen.
• The Party decides they will proceed with extreme caution and keep an extremely high level of readiness. They suspect that they journey beyond this point will only be more dangerous.
• Moving forward with extreme caution they follow the Goblin Trail.
• The trail leads them further and higher into mountains along the Eastern side of the Silverrun River Valley. As they move above the Valley floor they can see down to the river below and back towards Lake Everchill in the distance.
• The terrain remains difficult and heavily wooded and it is very slow going.
• As they move forward over the course of a day and a half, the Misfits approach closer and closer to the looming cliff-line that makes up the eastern wall of the valley. The trail often grows cold along the way and they lose many hours re-locating the trail in the heavy woods where there is little snow to carry the marks of the Goblin’s passage.
• The trail appears destined to pass by a long cliff-spur that juts out into the valley when it makes a sudden turn directly towards the face of the spur.
• As they approach the spur through the light remnants of the Goblin Path the Misfits note that a clearing, semi-filled with pilled snow leads up to the edge of the cliff and ends at two distinct openings into what appears to be a cave.

Encounter 4: The Snow Goblin Forward Lair – Late Afternoon on 21 Nov 1775

Allies: 2 Huntsmen (Prisoners)
Enemies: 6 Snow Goblins, 2 Winter Wolves, 1 Snow Goblin Frost Mage
• The party stops at the edge of the woods and quickly discusses how they intend to approach the caves.
• Dex sneaks into woods and attempts to approach the caves by travelling secretly through the heavy cover of the forest.
• He stumbles upon a Den of two Winter Wolves and luckily is able to scramble up a tree before they see him but his scent ends up giving him away.
• One of the Wolves moves to the cave entrance and a Snow Goblin guard steps out from a camouflaged position against the ice-encrusted stone.
• The Wolf tells the goblin in a guttural growl that contains goblin words that there are intruders nearby. This causes the goblin to alert two others who move into position with bows at the entrance to the caves.
• The Wolf below the tree that Dex has climbed up into finally detects his scent and begins to bay. This triggers Dex firing an arrow into the Wolf. He stikes true and benefits from a Sneak Attack.
• Nanda charges into the woods to assist Dex and when he comes upon the Wolf is hit by a critical bite and is knocked unconscious.
• Ortwin charges out towards woods but when the Goblins loose arrows at him he turns abruptly and charges directly towards the Wolf, stopping short in order to draw it to him.
• Hubert hikes up his robes and charges into the woods to assist Nanda. Luckily he carries a potion of healing and this brings Nanda back to his feet.
• Dex manages to drop the other Wolf with his bow and climbs down from the tree and closes to the edge of the woods to take up a sniping position.
• The Wolf closes with Ortwin, triggering an attack from Ortwin but unfortunately with the persistent arrow attacks from 3 goblins and the 3 others that joined them, Ortwin is dropped unconscious.
• Hubert takes up position and begins to target the goblins with his magic missiles, dropping one and nearly dropping two others.
• Nanda charges out of the woods and joins in the fray with Ortwin and the Wolf.
• Hubert, fearing that things are going poorly rushes up to assist Ortwin and pours a potion down his throat. This brings Ortwin back into the fray.
• A Goblin Frost Mage joins into the fight and fires Frost Bolts at the party.
• After several well placed magic missiles, some arrows from Dex and the combined efforts of Nanda’s healing and Ortwin’s unarmed strikes they are able to turn the tides in their favour (which originally looked grim).
• After the last of the enemy is dropped they quickly take stock of the situation.
• Hubert charges in to see the Goblin Mage’s spellbook while Nanda searches in the caves. Nanda locates two Huntsmen captives in a back corner of the cave while Dex finds a small chest in amongst the Mage’s things.
• Hubert in his excitedment to see arcane relics with the Mage discards a small innocuous key that is in the goblin’s bag that is pushed through his belt. He realizes that the bag is clearly an extradimensional space and he twitters with excitement at having found a Bag of Holding.
• Ortwin recovers the key that Hubert discarded and assists Dex in opening the small chest, as Dex’s open locks attempt is a miserable failure.
• After revitalizing the Huntsmen Captives (Andrist and Flugraht). Flugraht tells them that he understands goblin and has determined that this is simply a forward operating cave and the main snow goblin cave in the Silverrun Valley is about 2-3 days further into the valley along the eastern border of the valley.
• The major snow goblin cave is believed to have less than 100 snow goblins and is thought to be the spearhead of a coming incursion from deep within the mountains and the underdark.
• Knowing what they know, while the party is eager to push forward, Ortwin convinces them to take things slowly and return to Wildwood with information and with their fallen comrades.

Next Session Start Point

• Early Evening 21 November 1775
• Beginning of Return Travel to Wildwood.

Key NPCs from this Session

• Durmik: Lieutenant of the Northern Huntsmen (significantly changed attitude towards the Misfits)
• Andrist (Huntsmen Captive): New huntsmen, young man
• Flugraht (Hunstmen Captive): understands goblin language, longstanding huntsmen


Treasure: 20 gp, 80 sp, 2 × 100 gp gems, Bag of Holding, Scroll of Burning Hands, Frost Mage’s SpellBook (Magic Missile (Frost Bolt), Mage Armour), 1 potion of healing, small lockable chest
Experience Points: 60 xp each (240 for Enc 4 = 240/4)
Cumulative Experience: 195 xp each



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