The Soulblight

Session Two Summary

Deeper into the Wilds

Session Number Two – Into the Silverrun River Valley

Session Start Date: 19 November 1775 – early morning

Session End Date: 19 November 1775 – early evening

Players: Dale, Chris, and Andrew
Characters: Hubert, Xugag, Ortwin and Dex (NPC)
Absent: Jeff (Nanda)


19 November – The Troll’s Ice Cave – Trekking Deeper into the Mountains

• Weather finally breaks overnight on 18 November and the morning of 19 November is a cold but fine day.
• The Misfits set out towards the Silverrun River valley which opens about a days travel ahead of them.
• About a half days travel sees the terrain begin to change dramatically. The terrain becomes increasingly more broken and rugged and is a mix of rugged scree-covered mountains and forested mountain terrain. In amongst both of these features are many pinnacles, remnants of the harder basalt cores of the volcanic range of mountains that makes up this region of Dorovinaire.
• The snow cover along the route is the heaviest that any of the party have seen in their lives.
• The travel is increasingly more difficult because the elevation increases steadily towards the Silverrun River valley.
• There are signs of wolves shadowing the party although none make aggressive moves against them.
• As the party move in and amongst a series of larger and closely situated pinnacles they come to a narrow passage between two that marks the only avenue into the valley ahead. The passageway is mostly clogged with drifted and very deep snow which overhangs on both sides and appears precarious at best.

Encounter 2: Snowflake Ooze – Just After Mid-Day on 19 Nov 1775

Enemies: 1 Snowflake Ooze
• After some deliberation, the Misfits decide to secure themselves together using their 50’ lengths of rope. Xugag leads with Dex, Hubert and Ortwin following.
• At the narrowest portion of the channel of snow, as Xugag pauses to scan for the best route, a large amorphous mass of snow coalesces beside him. The Snowflake Ooze strikes at him in an attempt to engulf him.
• As the party manoeuvre to best defend against this manifestation of the intersection of the natural and supernatural worlds, they realize that with every move and every swing of weapons they run the risk of bringing hundreds of pounds of snow down on top of themselves.
• Weapons prove to be relatively ineffectual but with diligence Ortwin, Xugag and Dex begin to chisel away at the Snowflake Ooze. Hubert’s Magic Missiles are most successful but his follow on sling attacks suffer similar poor results as the other’s weapons.
• Several crashes of snow cause difficulty for the party and during one avalanche of snow; the Ooze seizes the opportunity and engulfs Dex. He is pulled free by Xugag.
• Ortwin manages to avoid the worst of the avalanche but ends up prone on the ground.
• Just as the combined efforts of the party eliminate the Snowflake Ooze a large avalanche crashes down burying Ortwin.
• Dex in his excitement to locate Ortwin in the mound of snow forgets simple weapon safety and begins poking into the snow with his rapier.
• Ortwin slowly manages to be freed from the snow by wriggling his way free while the party haul on the rope connected about his waist.
• After freeing Ortwin the group careful negotiate the remainder of the snow channel and rest a few hundred yards beyond away in the shelter of a copse of trees.
• After a 90 minute rest the party decide to press onwards into the Silverrun River valley.
• In the late afternoon they spot a set of tracks that are obviously snow shoes and which are travelling in the same direction as them. They make the assumption that they have come across the racks of one of the groups of Huntsmen.
• They move deliberately after the Hunstmen, following their tracks while maintaining the lookout for additional dangers.
• After an hour or so of following the tracks, several sets of additional tracks merge with the Hunstmen’s snow shoe trail. The added tracks are web-footed and appear proficient at moving through the snow. The number of additional tracks is sufficiently large to obscure the Huntsmen’s tracks. The Misfits assume that a large group of Snow Goblins is also pursuing the Huntsmen.
• Concerned for the well-being of their fellow Wildwood residents (and hopeful of being able to rescue the Huntsmen) they hustle along the trail. After only 30 minutes or so they hear the unmistakeable din of combat in amongst the trees not to far ahead.

Encounter 3: To The Rescue of the Huntsmen – Late Afternoon on 19 Nov 1775

Allies: Durmik (Lieutenant of the Huntsmen), Druid of Volaris, 2 Warriors, 2 Militiamen
Enemies: 6 Snow Goblins, 3 Ice Strikers (Snow Goblins), 1 Brute (Snow Goblin), 2 Frost Drakes – 8 Snow Goblins, 2 Ice Strikers, 1 Brute and 1 Frost Drake killed by Huntsmen prior to arrival of the Misfits
• The Party redouble their efforts and arrive on the scene of a major battle between Durmik’s band of Huntsmen and a large group of Snow Goblins.
• The Snow Goblins are amassed in three groups, Ice Strikers fire frosty bolts down into the Hunstmen from a cliff to the north. Several Snow Goblins fire arrows into the melee from a cliff on the south side of the forest clearing. In the centre of the clearing, flanked by two thick sets of woods, the majority of the Huntsmen are gathered around a Snow Goblin Brute, 2 Frost Drakes and a large number of Snow Goblins. A Druid of Volaris is slightly removed from the central throng, firing sling stone into the crowd of goblins.
• Several fallen huntsmen and many fallen goblins are scattered about the battlefield.
• Ortwin proceeds up to the ledge to engage the Ice Strikers.
• Dex and Hubert head into the woods to gain cover and to snipe the goblins and their allies.
• Xugag hurls his spear forward and then charges into the fray to aid the Hunstmen.
• In the first few moments of combat things appear to go badly, all but Durmik of the huntsmen are dropped by their goblin adversaries.
• Dex and Hubert snipe out of the woods and have decent impact on the battle while Ortwin works diligently to drop the Ice Strikers.
• Surrounded by Frost Drakes and a Goblin Brute, Xugag takes a beating but also manages to deliver some significant damage to the foes.
• Xugag is knocked unconscious by the Goblin Brute but as he hits the ground the icy cold of the snow revives him and he leaps up after a moments pause to re-enter the fray.
• Dex is taken down around the same time by the Frost Drakes and doesn’t fare nearly as well as Xugag. He lies unconscious for almost half the battle.
• Ortwin, finally eliminating the threat of the Ice Strikers, leaps from the cliffs into the trees and charges into the battle to aid his fallen comrades. Only Hubert remaining to face the Goblin Brute alongside Durmik.
• After finally dropping the last of the goblins and drakes in the central group, the party concentrate on the two remaining snow goblin archers on the southern cliff.
• Hubert is able to drop one of the goblins with a well placed sling stone.
• The other goblin flees and Xugag and Ortwin rush off to intercept it.
• The party are able to bring the last snow goblin down before it gets away.
• As they regroup to survey the aftermath of the battle, they realize that Dex remains unconscious, all but Durmik of the Huntsmen are either unconscious or dead and 14 Snow Goblins, 5 Ice Strikers, 2 Snow Goblin Brutes and 3 Frost Drakes lay dead or dying. The magnitude of the battle slowly sinks in.

Next Session Start Point

• Early Evening 19 November 1775
• Aftermath of rescuing the Huntsmen.

Key NPCs from this Session

• Durmik: Lieutenant of the Northern Huntsmen (bad attitude towards the party)


Treasure: 25 gp, 120 sp, 2 potions of healing, weapons and armour from adversaries and fallen huntsmen, winter gear and rations from fallen huntsmen.
Experience Points: 105 xp each (180 for Enc 2, 240 for Enc 3 = 420/4)
Cumulative Experience: 135 xp each



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