The Soulblight

Session Five Summary

Session Number Five – Homing in on the Snow Goblin’s Cave Complex

Session Start Date: 4 December 1775 – early morning

Session End Date: 7 December 1775 – early morning

Players: Chris, Dale, and Jeff

Characters: Hubert, Hargrim (Weeble), and Xugag

Absent: Andrew (Ortwin)


4-5 December – Mountaineering – Deep in the Silverrun River Valley

  • Session Four Recap: At the end of the day on 3 December the party arrives at the Forward operating cave of the Snow Goblins. They scout it out and realize that in the 10 days since they left the cave that it does not appear to have been reoccupied. They encamp nearby, still deciding not to risk being surprised in the cave.
  • The morning of 4 December breaks on a snowy and cold day.
  • The Misfits prepare to venture into unknown territory higher and deeper into the Valley.
  • The rate of travel is significantly slowed compared to what the Misfits are used to lower in the range of mountains. The howling wind, driving snow and altitude coupled with the treacherous terrain all serve to slow their progress.
  • The 4th of December nonetheless passes uneventfully.
  • The weather improves slightly on the 5th of December, the snow stops but the wind continues.
  • Mid-Afternoon, after the terrain opens up along the ridge they are climbing, the group spot a couple moving figures ahead of them. Hubert recognizes that they are Snow Goblins and that they are travelling in the same direction as the party.
  • They follow the Snow Goblins for the remainder of the afternoon.
  • With only a few hours of light remaining, the snow goblins turn upwards into the cut of a ravine that has been made by a fast-flowing stream. The ravine climbs a hundred feet or so and ends at the base of a long, steep cliff. The stream that runs down the ravine also plummets off the cliff in a long, frozen waterfall.
  • The Misfits decide to explore the area for a suitable encampment and perhaps an alternate means of approaching the base of the cliff.
  • While Xugag searches for an alternate means of scaling to the cliff base, Hubert and Hargrim make camp in a well-sheltered niche in the rocky face of the ridgeline.
  • Xugag successfully locates an alternate route and returns to their encampment with the news.
  • The night passes with each of the party in turn hearing the distinct noises of snow goblins passing close by their encampment – Hubert and Hargrim determine that every 4 hours or so a group of 6-8 snow goblins passes. They conclude that the goblins are on a routine patrol because of the steady frequency.

6-7 December – The Ice-Fall Caves

  • In the later part of the night, Hubert prepares for the day, casting Mage Armour and using his Arcane Recovery to restore the magical energy his armour consumed.
  • The party depart their encampment, leaving the sledge and Weeble behind.
  • They pack up the critical ice-climbing and survival gear they feel they will require and head towards the alternate pathway that Xugag located.
  • They successfully arrive at the base of the waterfall. Approaching cautiously, they spot two Snow Goblin Ice Strikers moving through a small treed area on the opposite side of the stream from their approach. They remain hidden and observe the goblins.
  • The two Ice Strikers cautiously approach the small lake at the base of the falls and toss a dead deer into the lake. They then wait a couple moments before climbing the Ice Flow.
  • Just before they climb in behind the waterfall, one of the two Ice Strikers spot the party. Hurriedly, the Ice Striker pulls a golden orb from his belt-pouch, activates it and tosses it into the lake. A moment later, a sonic burst erupts from within the lake shattering a portion of the lake’s ice cover.
  • The Snow Goblins hurry in behind the waterfall.
  • The Misfits decide that discretion is the better part of valour, instead of pressing forward they decide to withdrawl.
  • The Misfits are able to hunt down a similar “offering” like the goblins made and return to try the same approach as the goblins used.
  • The “offering” is tossed into the lake by Hargrim who sees something large grab it from the surface.
  • They then cautiously climb up the ice flow to the waterfall.
  • Hargrim, unfortunately slips and falls onto the frozen surface of the lake but is lucky that the ice holds him. Hubert assists him in regaining the ice flow and they step into the open space behind the waterfall.
  • The three party members see that the waterfall hides a small and ice-coated cave network and decide to explore.

Encounter 7: In the Ice-Fall Caves – Late Afternoon on 6 December 1775

Enemies: 2 Snow Goblin Ice Strikers, 4 Snow Goblins and 1 Dire Wolf

  • Just as Hubert and Hargrim join Xugag in the Ice-Fall Cave, two Ice Strikers step out into the narrow passageway in front of them and fire arrows. Luckily the hasty shots ricochet ineffectually off the ice-fall behind the Misfits.
  • Hubert cast light on his sling stone and hurls the ad-hoc torch into the room to illuminate their targets.
  • Xugag closes the distance quickly, landing a glancing blow on one of the two Ice Strikers.
  • Hargrim reaches out to Orin and calls forth the power of his deity to Bless the party.
  • Hubert the Combat Hardened Mage rushes into the fray attacking the already injured Ice Striker with his magic dagger and lands a solid blow.
  • The now seriously injured Ice Striker withdraws and climbs up the side of the cave.
  • Hargrim rushes forward, emboldened by the power of Orin and lands a critical strike on the withdrawing Ice Striker, felling it!
  • The remaining Ice Striker, in response to its fallen comrade, lands an equally critical blow against Xugag.
  • The Ice Striker then withdraws quickly, fleeing up an ice shaft on the far side of the cave.
  • Xugag seriously injures the Striker with his bow and Hubert fells the creature with his sling, further cementing his reputation as a Combat-Mage.
  • The falling dead Ice Striker lands with a mushy thump on top of Xugag who fails to side step in time.
  • As they try to collect themselves for a brief second, they are not given any time to think as two Snow Goblins climb into view in the Ice shaft above them.
  • The two are quickly killed. One by Xugag’s bow and the other by a well placed sling-stone from Hubert.
  • Hargrim begins to climb up the shaft and encounters resistance from more goblins.
  • One of the two climbs to engage Hargrim while the other fires with its bow.
  • Hubert climbs up to join Hargrim who braces into the shaft against the potential onslaught of goblins and attacks with an Mining Pick. Hargrim kills the goblin and allows it to slide past Hubert.
  • Xugag, anticipating that one of his companions might fall, is surprised as the goblin plummets towards him and he catches it.
  • The remaining snow goblin delivers a critical hit against Hargrim with its bow.
  • Hubert climbs past Hargrim to engage the snow goblin but misses due to his precarious position. Xugag climbs to join them and Hubert delivers the death blow to the last snow goblin.
  • Hargrim curses as he realizes that he has left his Bec de Corbin, recently crafted for him in Wildwood, at the bottom of the cave network.
  • Depsite this fact, they push upwards to determine where the cave network goes before their lose the advantage of momentum and surprise.
  • They work their way through a fairly elaborate ice and stone cave network and just as they emerge onto the cliff top, Hubert and Xugag spot a Winter Wolf burrowed into a close by snow bank.
  • Hubert attacks the Wolf for maximum effect with his magic dagger but is dealt a severe bite in return by the Wolf.
  • Xugag engages the Wolf and after a couple well placed blows drops the creature.
  • The quickly look around and spot the decorated entrance to an Ice Cave network about 700 feet up the stream.
  • They realize that they are exposed where they are and Hargrim decides to venture solo into the Ice-Fall Caves to search the bodies and retrieve his Bec de Corbin
  • Xugag and Hubert scout 15-20 minutes away from the stream into covering territory and chose a spot to set up camp for an overnight rest before venturing towards the Main Snow Goblin Cave Complex.
  • Hargrim rejoins them about an hour later with his retrieved Bec and with some well deserved monetary and magical rewards.

Next Session Start Point

  • Early Morning 7 December 1775
  • Encamped near the Snow Goblin Cave Complex on top of the Cliff.
  • Preparing to foray into the Main Snow Goblin Cave Complex.

Key NPCs from this Session

  • None


Treasure: 28 gp, 140 ep, 1 potion of climbing, 1 Sonic-Orb (Golden Orb)
Experience Points: 140 xp each (420 XP total including evaded threats)
Cumulative Experience: 409 xp each

Session Four Summary
Return to Wildwood

Session Number Four – The Return to Wildwood and Rebranding of the Misfits

Session Start Date: 21 November 1775 – early evening

Session End Date: 4 December 1775 – early morning

Players: Chris, Dale, Jeff, and Andrew

Characters: Hubert, Hargrim (Weeble), Nanda (Stinky), Ortwin, Xugag and Dex

Absent: None


21 November – Return to Wildwood Planned

  • Session Three Recap: After revitalizing the Huntsmen Captives (Andrist and Flugraht). Flugraht tells them that he understands goblin and has determined that this is simply a forward operating cave and the main snow goblin cave in the Silverrun Valley is about 2-3 days further into the valley along the eastern border of the valley.
  • The major snow goblin cave is believed to have less than 100 snow goblins and is thought to be the spearhead of a coming incursion from deep within the mountains and the underdark.
  • Knowing what they know, while the party is eager to push forward, Ortwin convinces them to take things slowly and return to Wildwood with information and with their fallen comrades.
  • After scouting the Cave, the Misfits decide they will be safer if they encamp nearby rather than in the Cave where, if surprised, might not offer an escape route.
  • Overnight the weather deteriorates, it begins to snow heavily and the wind picks up, roaring down the Valley.

22-23 November – Travel Southward towards Wildwood

  • After waking to the newly fallen snow and poor weather, the Misfits break camp and begin the process of re-tracing their steps out of the Silverrun River Valley.
  • They fabricate makeshift sleds to transport the fallen Huntsmen and load their existing sled to the maximum extent possible.
  • The weather impacts their progress and over the course of the day only manages what would normally have amounted to a half day of travel.
  • The weather improves on 23 Nov and they start to make good time.
  • Late in the afternoon, the party start to get glimpses of motion in the woods around them and they begin to proceed even more cautiously.
  • Despite their caution, as the party travel through a particularly heavily wooded area, they are surprised by a pack of starving wolves. Although mostly caught off guard, Hubert and Dex manage to notice the prowling wolves just as they spring to the attack.

Encounter 5: Starving Wolf Pack – Late Afternoon on 23 Nov 1775

Allies: 2 Huntsmen (Andrist and Flugraht)
Enemies: 7 Wolves

  • Hubert readies a Burning Hands in case the wolves close from the edge of the woods and is rewarded for his forethought as the wolves burst from the trees.
  • Hubert’s Burning Hands spell bloodies 2 of the wolves.
  • The Wolves close the party and attack; Flugraht is struck by a critical blow by one of the wolves and afterwards is left barely standing.
  • Dex makes a hasty retreat to the edge of the woods where he keeps guard over Stinky and the Sled (and ensures that none of the rations have gone bad).
  • Hubert is knocked down by a wolf’s critical hit and crawls to safety instead of further risking a deathblow.
  • Ortwin in a flurry of Ki Infused blows strikes down several of the wolves.
  • Xugag opened with a volley of arrows into the melee but when this proved less effective than hoped, charged in with his longsword.
  • Nanda hits the wolves with a Thunder Wave sending one careening in front of Ortwin who then drops the stunned beast.
  • Although the Wolves land a few lucky blows on the Misfits, they are never severely threatened by the starving pack and make relatively hasty work of them. The Huntsmen, Andrist and Flugraht, prove their worth as travel companions too.
  • After the battle with the wolves ends, they return to a campsite they used previously about an hours travel from where the wolves waylaid them.
  • They pass an uneventful night.

24-25 November – Continue Travel

  • The awake to light snow which has no effect on their travel. Having dropped significantly in elevation as well, the wind is not nearly as blistering as that which they experienced high in the Valley.
  • A full day of travel behind them, the Misfits arrive at the Ice Troll Cave. They approach the cave with caution fearing that it has been re-occupied. This proves to be an unnecessary precaution, as the cave remains uninhabited.
  • The cave does, however, show signs of having been recently used as a campsite and the Mistfits speculate that perhaps Durmik and his group rested here on their trek back to Wildwood.
  • After passing another uneventful night, they awake to a clear and brilliant day. They make good time and at the end of the day encamp approximately a half-day of travel from Wildwood.

26 November – Arrive in Wildwood

  • Another beautiful day breaks and the Misfits are charged as they begin the final push for Wildwood.
  • In the early afternoon the smoke rising from the chimneys of the small, lakeside town becomes visible and the Misfits pick up the pace as their excitement becomes palatable.
  • As they enter into the outskirts of town, word spreads ahead of them of their arrival and they begin to gather a large following of excited and curious townsfolk.
  • Durmik and a small group of Huntsmen also join their group, relieve them of their gruesome burden of the fallen Huntsmen and send work to K’Lossis Maragin, Captain of the Northern Huntsmen, that the Misfits have returned and are bound for the Restful Ranger Inn.
  • Durmik tells them that his group suffered several attacks by snow goblins and lost the Druid of Volaris to those attacks. The injury they suffered slowed their travel and Durmik only arrived two days in advance of the Misfits rather than the 4 days in advance that would have been possible had they made better (and less eventful) progress.
  • As the party travel through the main part of Wildwood, their entourage grows considerably. They arrive finally at the Restful Ranger and find that with their entourage as well as those awaiting their arrival that the establishment is packed to capacity.
  • The Misfits decide to pass the afternoon and evening at the Ranger in order to build on the positive energy and good reputation that they have recently gained. They tell their tale, purchase drinks and food and are the recipients of many a round of drinks.
  • The group are aglow with the positive welcome they have received and emboldened by drink loudly and unabashedly tell their stories.
  • Hubert, revelling in the attention he has come upon, is at full-steam-ahead on the story of the ambush by the Snow Goblins and the rescue of the Huntsmen when the bar falls silent. Rosy-faced and standing akimbo on a table-top with his pouch in hand, he strikes a somewhat grotesque pose (or perhaps erotic pose to old-stinky-man-loving-drunks?) as K’Lossis Maragin walks into the Restful Ranger, flanked by two of his senior lieutenants.
  • After addressing the crowd, thanking the Misfits and updating the masses on recent discoveries, K’Lossis addresses the Misfits directly, “Listen, it’s obvious we all underestimated you by a wide margin and I am happy to have Durmik back at least.  With your newfound confidence, I’d like to offer you the opportunity to continue your patrol up the Silverrun on the Huntsmen’s behalf and with my blessing.  This will have the benefit of covering that quadrant <cough> where Durmik failed (shoots Durmik a look of paternal disappointment) and also allows me to reassign Durmik to other important tasks.  However, as I note you’ve chosen a mountainous patrol, I have a proposal for you:  recently returned from Meroe is Hargrim, a Kith-Zathan (Hill Dwarf) Soldier of Orin who would be well suited to join your party as he is knowledgeable in the hills and mountains (obviously) and I have need of expertise in lowland areas.  Would you agree to have Hargrim join your band and allow Nanda to leave and assist Durmik in the west?”
  • The Misfits hesitantly agree to the parting of Nanda and to accepting Hargrim into their ranks. Dex is despondent at the idea of losing his fast friend and requests to also be assigned to the patrol with Nanda – K’Lossis agrees.
  • Hargrim introduces himself to the group and they spend several minutes getting to know each other before they recognize that Hargrim, another outsider, is a perfect addition to the group.
  • They learn about Hargrim through the course of the night and many beers.
  • Hargrim Flugu-illingr Ruulburgrarskegg, or simply Hargrim, is a bounty hunter/inquisitor on behalf of the Temple of Orin. The world being what it is, a varied and open religious society, Hargim’s marks primarily consist of Kith and in that, only those who worship such deities that disrupt good and orderly Kith society; specifically Nul-Toren, Chaldon and Tzorioch. The first born son of a devout and ancient Kith-Zathan clan, Hargrim was societally problematic from a young age. Quick to anger, intollerant and critical of others who did not align closely to Orin’s teachings. Rather than moderate his behaviour, the Temple seized upon his nature, encouraging and nurturing it with an eye to future employment. Through his teens, Hargrim was mentored equally by Orin’s priests, its holy warriors and atypically to a Paladin, by those with darker skills able to assist others in revealing their secrets.
  • Hargrim is currently on the lookout for Haal Hammerfist, author of “A Manifesto on Nul-Toren and the Downfall of Kith Society”
  • Hargrim has an animal companion, a Badger named Weeble.
  • The party at the Restful Ranger carries on late into the evening and into the wee-hours of 27 November.

27 November – Prepare for the Return to the Snow Goblin Caves

  • As the party begins to wind down, the Misfits realize that they have not made arrangements for accommodations for all their members. Hubert graciously offers the comfort of his “Palatial” home for all of them. The inebriated group wander across the city to the edge of the Templeton estate where, instead of leading them to the Templeton Mansion, Hubert turns aside towards a run-down servant’s house on the edge of the property. Noting the questioning look on the faces of his companions, Hubert states, “Oh, you wouldn’t want to stay in that drafty, bat-infested, hole <gesturing>. Besides, my brother is a terrible host…this will be more to your liking! <beaming>”
  • Despite the run-down nature of the house, the now unused servants quarters (a newer servant’s quarters was built rather than renovating the old) prove to be both spacious and sufficient for the Misfits when compared to the austere camps they shared in the Wild.
  • Near noon, the party awake in their new abode (old abode to Hubert) and breakfast on eggs, bacon, local mead and luxuriously enough Kauffee, imported from the Silastrian Tropics – a fine dark roast that Hubert “acquired” from a recent visit to his brother’s pantry.
  • Purchase Potions and Alchemist Fire from Talon’s Outfitters
  • Ortwin demonstrates a laudable character trait that the Misfit’s were previously unaware of – he has taken a vow of poverty as atonement for his transgressions in his youth – because of his vow, he spends all his money equipping the party with potions and other supplies, leaving himself just enough to subsist. Ortwin’s persisting “Bad Reputation” sees him pay full price (and sometimes more) – perhaps one day his reputation will be replaced by his heroism?
  • When asked about Haal Hammerfist, Talon reveals to Hargrim that his is in fact aware that Haal was last reported to be hiding out in the ruins of the Kargonil Road (the ancient subterranean route that linked the Kargonil Clan in this part of the world through to the underdark and beyond to the furthest reaches of the then sprawling Kithic Republic). Rumour has it that Haal has his eyes set on the thriving Thanedom of Istradeep as a target for the glorious oblivion of Nul-Toren.
  • The final evening in Wildwood, the Misfits spend prepping their gear and relaxing at Hubert’s home.

28 November – 2 December – Depart Wildwood and Travel into Silverrun Valley

  • The rested and re-equipped Misfits hit the road early on 28 November. It is a cold and crisp day with lightly falling snow. They make excellent time over the first two days and encamp well past the Ice Troll Cave on their second night out.
  • The morning of 2 December dawns with a significant turn of weather. The winds pick up and snow begins to fall heavily – luckily this sees the temperature climb marginally so it is not as frigid as the first few days out.
  • Early in the day on 2 December, as the Misfits pass through a heavily wooded area, Hubert and Ortwin note figures lurking in the woods. Just as they call a warning to the remainder of the party, a volley of arrows is loosed from the trees as a Snow Goblin Patrol springs its trap.

Encounter 6: Snow Goblin Patrol Ambush – Early on 2 Dec 1775

Enemies: 6 Snow Goblins, 1 Snow Goblin Brute, 1 Dire Wolf

  • The goblin’s arrows are mostly ineffective as the party spring into action.
  • Hubert manages to drop several of the Snow Goblin Archers with well-placed magic missiles.
  • A Dire Wolf leaps out of the woods and engages Xugag.
  • Xugag keeps the wolf engaged with his longsword and after a hard fought battle takes the wolf down.
  • Ortwin moves fluidly through the battlefield and along with Hubert’s magic missiles, manages to drop numerous of the Goblin Archers.
  • The Snow Goblin Brute Charges and attacks Hargrim with his Maul.
  • Hargrim goes toe to toe with the Brute and loses…or does he? Taken down by a Critical Strike from the Brute, Hargrim’s Kithic constitution (and perhaps an intervention by Orin?) sees him stabilize and return to consciousness. He leaps up and, barely able to stand himself, deals the deathblow to the Brute.
  • As the last of the Goblin Patrol is eliminated the party quickly takes stock, heals up and searches the dead enemies.
  • Within an hour or so of the attack, the Misfits are back on the road towards the Silverrun River Valley.
  • They continue onward uneventfully for the remainder of the day.

3 December – Arrive at the Snow Goblin Forward Operating Base

  • At the end of the day on 3 December the party arrives at the Forward operating cave of the Snow Goblins. They scout it out and realize that in the 10 days since they left the cave that it does not appear to have been reoccupied.
  • They encamp nearby, still deciding not to risk being surprised in the cave.
  • The morning of 4 December breaks on a snowy and cold day.
  • The Misfits prepare to venture into unknown territory higher and deeper into the Valley.

Next Session Start Point

  • Early Morning 4 December 1775
  • Encamped near the Snow Goblin Forward Operating Base.
  • Preparing to locate the Main Snow Goblin Cave.

Key NPCs from this Session

K’Lossis Maragin: Captain of the Northern Hunstmen
Durmik: Lieutenant of the Northern Huntsmen (significantly changed attitude towards the Misfits)
Andrist (Huntsmen): New huntsmen, young man
Flugraht (Hunstmen): understands goblin language, longstanding huntsmen


Distribution of Accumulated Wealth: Each Character received 150 gp to use in Wildwood (this zero-ized party treasure), Ortwin received the Boots of Striding and Springing, Hubert was declared the Healing Potion Bandoleer and received 2 Healing Potions (2d4+2 hp).
Treasure: 18 gp, 220 sp, 1 × 100 gp gem
Experience Points: 74 xp each (24 for Enc 5 = 144/6, 50 for Enc 6 = 200/4)
Cumulative Experience: 269 xp each (Level to 2nd)

Session Three Summary
Wolves aren't nice...

Session Number Three – The Snow Goblin Forward Lair

Session Start Date: 19 November 1775 – early evening

Session End Date: 21 November 1775 – early evening

Players: Dale, Jeff, and Andrew
Characters: Hubert, Nanda, Ortwin and Dex
Absent: Chris (Xugag)


19 November – Aftermath of the Rescue of Durmik’s Huntsmen

• As the party survey the battlefield they begin to recognize the scope of the results.
• Dex lays unconscious as does all the Huntsmen except Durmik
• The Misfits quickly take stock of the survivors and those fallen, heal those who are healable and gather those who has died.
• Durmik is contrite and apologetic about his bad behaviour in Wildwood and says that the Misfits should not have been so lightly dismissed.
• After carefully searching the area, discussing what happened and determining that an unexplored set of Snow Goblin tracks continues to the North East (further up and into the Silverrun Valley) they decide on a plan of action.
• With the assistance and tutorship of Durmik, the group displace themselves off the main path, cover their tracks and heal and rest for the night. They bring the bodies of the fallen huntsmen into the wooded area and mark the shallow snow-burial sites where they decide to preserve them until a pick up at a later date.
• They leave the bodies of the Snow Goblins and Drakes for the wild animals.
20-21 November – Parting of Ways – The Misfits on the Trail
• After waking and having as hearty a breakfast as possible in the wild the group learns that Durmik intends to return to Wildwood with the remainder of his scouting group in order to report to the Northern Huntsmen on events to date.
• He promises to notify the Huntsmen that the Misfits have taken responsibility for this sector until Durmik’s group reconstitutes and returns.
• They part ways with the Huntsmen.
• The Party decides they will proceed with extreme caution and keep an extremely high level of readiness. They suspect that they journey beyond this point will only be more dangerous.
• Moving forward with extreme caution they follow the Goblin Trail.
• The trail leads them further and higher into mountains along the Eastern side of the Silverrun River Valley. As they move above the Valley floor they can see down to the river below and back towards Lake Everchill in the distance.
• The terrain remains difficult and heavily wooded and it is very slow going.
• As they move forward over the course of a day and a half, the Misfits approach closer and closer to the looming cliff-line that makes up the eastern wall of the valley. The trail often grows cold along the way and they lose many hours re-locating the trail in the heavy woods where there is little snow to carry the marks of the Goblin’s passage.
• The trail appears destined to pass by a long cliff-spur that juts out into the valley when it makes a sudden turn directly towards the face of the spur.
• As they approach the spur through the light remnants of the Goblin Path the Misfits note that a clearing, semi-filled with pilled snow leads up to the edge of the cliff and ends at two distinct openings into what appears to be a cave.

Encounter 4: The Snow Goblin Forward Lair – Late Afternoon on 21 Nov 1775

Allies: 2 Huntsmen (Prisoners)
Enemies: 6 Snow Goblins, 2 Winter Wolves, 1 Snow Goblin Frost Mage
• The party stops at the edge of the woods and quickly discusses how they intend to approach the caves.
• Dex sneaks into woods and attempts to approach the caves by travelling secretly through the heavy cover of the forest.
• He stumbles upon a Den of two Winter Wolves and luckily is able to scramble up a tree before they see him but his scent ends up giving him away.
• One of the Wolves moves to the cave entrance and a Snow Goblin guard steps out from a camouflaged position against the ice-encrusted stone.
• The Wolf tells the goblin in a guttural growl that contains goblin words that there are intruders nearby. This causes the goblin to alert two others who move into position with bows at the entrance to the caves.
• The Wolf below the tree that Dex has climbed up into finally detects his scent and begins to bay. This triggers Dex firing an arrow into the Wolf. He stikes true and benefits from a Sneak Attack.
• Nanda charges into the woods to assist Dex and when he comes upon the Wolf is hit by a critical bite and is knocked unconscious.
• Ortwin charges out towards woods but when the Goblins loose arrows at him he turns abruptly and charges directly towards the Wolf, stopping short in order to draw it to him.
• Hubert hikes up his robes and charges into the woods to assist Nanda. Luckily he carries a potion of healing and this brings Nanda back to his feet.
• Dex manages to drop the other Wolf with his bow and climbs down from the tree and closes to the edge of the woods to take up a sniping position.
• The Wolf closes with Ortwin, triggering an attack from Ortwin but unfortunately with the persistent arrow attacks from 3 goblins and the 3 others that joined them, Ortwin is dropped unconscious.
• Hubert takes up position and begins to target the goblins with his magic missiles, dropping one and nearly dropping two others.
• Nanda charges out of the woods and joins in the fray with Ortwin and the Wolf.
• Hubert, fearing that things are going poorly rushes up to assist Ortwin and pours a potion down his throat. This brings Ortwin back into the fray.
• A Goblin Frost Mage joins into the fight and fires Frost Bolts at the party.
• After several well placed magic missiles, some arrows from Dex and the combined efforts of Nanda’s healing and Ortwin’s unarmed strikes they are able to turn the tides in their favour (which originally looked grim).
• After the last of the enemy is dropped they quickly take stock of the situation.
• Hubert charges in to see the Goblin Mage’s spellbook while Nanda searches in the caves. Nanda locates two Huntsmen captives in a back corner of the cave while Dex finds a small chest in amongst the Mage’s things.
• Hubert in his excitedment to see arcane relics with the Mage discards a small innocuous key that is in the goblin’s bag that is pushed through his belt. He realizes that the bag is clearly an extradimensional space and he twitters with excitement at having found a Bag of Holding.
• Ortwin recovers the key that Hubert discarded and assists Dex in opening the small chest, as Dex’s open locks attempt is a miserable failure.
• After revitalizing the Huntsmen Captives (Andrist and Flugraht). Flugraht tells them that he understands goblin and has determined that this is simply a forward operating cave and the main snow goblin cave in the Silverrun Valley is about 2-3 days further into the valley along the eastern border of the valley.
• The major snow goblin cave is believed to have less than 100 snow goblins and is thought to be the spearhead of a coming incursion from deep within the mountains and the underdark.
• Knowing what they know, while the party is eager to push forward, Ortwin convinces them to take things slowly and return to Wildwood with information and with their fallen comrades.

Next Session Start Point

• Early Evening 21 November 1775
• Beginning of Return Travel to Wildwood.

Key NPCs from this Session

• Durmik: Lieutenant of the Northern Huntsmen (significantly changed attitude towards the Misfits)
• Andrist (Huntsmen Captive): New huntsmen, young man
• Flugraht (Hunstmen Captive): understands goblin language, longstanding huntsmen


Treasure: 20 gp, 80 sp, 2 × 100 gp gems, Bag of Holding, Scroll of Burning Hands, Frost Mage’s SpellBook (Magic Missile (Frost Bolt), Mage Armour), 1 potion of healing, small lockable chest
Experience Points: 60 xp each (240 for Enc 4 = 240/4)
Cumulative Experience: 195 xp each

Session Two Summary
Deeper into the Wilds

Session Number Two – Into the Silverrun River Valley

Session Start Date: 19 November 1775 – early morning

Session End Date: 19 November 1775 – early evening

Players: Dale, Chris, and Andrew
Characters: Hubert, Xugag, Ortwin and Dex (NPC)
Absent: Jeff (Nanda)


19 November – The Troll’s Ice Cave – Trekking Deeper into the Mountains

• Weather finally breaks overnight on 18 November and the morning of 19 November is a cold but fine day.
• The Misfits set out towards the Silverrun River valley which opens about a days travel ahead of them.
• About a half days travel sees the terrain begin to change dramatically. The terrain becomes increasingly more broken and rugged and is a mix of rugged scree-covered mountains and forested mountain terrain. In amongst both of these features are many pinnacles, remnants of the harder basalt cores of the volcanic range of mountains that makes up this region of Dorovinaire.
• The snow cover along the route is the heaviest that any of the party have seen in their lives.
• The travel is increasingly more difficult because the elevation increases steadily towards the Silverrun River valley.
• There are signs of wolves shadowing the party although none make aggressive moves against them.
• As the party move in and amongst a series of larger and closely situated pinnacles they come to a narrow passage between two that marks the only avenue into the valley ahead. The passageway is mostly clogged with drifted and very deep snow which overhangs on both sides and appears precarious at best.

Encounter 2: Snowflake Ooze – Just After Mid-Day on 19 Nov 1775

Enemies: 1 Snowflake Ooze
• After some deliberation, the Misfits decide to secure themselves together using their 50’ lengths of rope. Xugag leads with Dex, Hubert and Ortwin following.
• At the narrowest portion of the channel of snow, as Xugag pauses to scan for the best route, a large amorphous mass of snow coalesces beside him. The Snowflake Ooze strikes at him in an attempt to engulf him.
• As the party manoeuvre to best defend against this manifestation of the intersection of the natural and supernatural worlds, they realize that with every move and every swing of weapons they run the risk of bringing hundreds of pounds of snow down on top of themselves.
• Weapons prove to be relatively ineffectual but with diligence Ortwin, Xugag and Dex begin to chisel away at the Snowflake Ooze. Hubert’s Magic Missiles are most successful but his follow on sling attacks suffer similar poor results as the other’s weapons.
• Several crashes of snow cause difficulty for the party and during one avalanche of snow; the Ooze seizes the opportunity and engulfs Dex. He is pulled free by Xugag.
• Ortwin manages to avoid the worst of the avalanche but ends up prone on the ground.
• Just as the combined efforts of the party eliminate the Snowflake Ooze a large avalanche crashes down burying Ortwin.
• Dex in his excitement to locate Ortwin in the mound of snow forgets simple weapon safety and begins poking into the snow with his rapier.
• Ortwin slowly manages to be freed from the snow by wriggling his way free while the party haul on the rope connected about his waist.
• After freeing Ortwin the group careful negotiate the remainder of the snow channel and rest a few hundred yards beyond away in the shelter of a copse of trees.
• After a 90 minute rest the party decide to press onwards into the Silverrun River valley.
• In the late afternoon they spot a set of tracks that are obviously snow shoes and which are travelling in the same direction as them. They make the assumption that they have come across the racks of one of the groups of Huntsmen.
• They move deliberately after the Hunstmen, following their tracks while maintaining the lookout for additional dangers.
• After an hour or so of following the tracks, several sets of additional tracks merge with the Hunstmen’s snow shoe trail. The added tracks are web-footed and appear proficient at moving through the snow. The number of additional tracks is sufficiently large to obscure the Huntsmen’s tracks. The Misfits assume that a large group of Snow Goblins is also pursuing the Huntsmen.
• Concerned for the well-being of their fellow Wildwood residents (and hopeful of being able to rescue the Huntsmen) they hustle along the trail. After only 30 minutes or so they hear the unmistakeable din of combat in amongst the trees not to far ahead.

Encounter 3: To The Rescue of the Huntsmen – Late Afternoon on 19 Nov 1775

Allies: Durmik (Lieutenant of the Huntsmen), Druid of Volaris, 2 Warriors, 2 Militiamen
Enemies: 6 Snow Goblins, 3 Ice Strikers (Snow Goblins), 1 Brute (Snow Goblin), 2 Frost Drakes – 8 Snow Goblins, 2 Ice Strikers, 1 Brute and 1 Frost Drake killed by Huntsmen prior to arrival of the Misfits
• The Party redouble their efforts and arrive on the scene of a major battle between Durmik’s band of Huntsmen and a large group of Snow Goblins.
• The Snow Goblins are amassed in three groups, Ice Strikers fire frosty bolts down into the Hunstmen from a cliff to the north. Several Snow Goblins fire arrows into the melee from a cliff on the south side of the forest clearing. In the centre of the clearing, flanked by two thick sets of woods, the majority of the Huntsmen are gathered around a Snow Goblin Brute, 2 Frost Drakes and a large number of Snow Goblins. A Druid of Volaris is slightly removed from the central throng, firing sling stone into the crowd of goblins.
• Several fallen huntsmen and many fallen goblins are scattered about the battlefield.
• Ortwin proceeds up to the ledge to engage the Ice Strikers.
• Dex and Hubert head into the woods to gain cover and to snipe the goblins and their allies.
• Xugag hurls his spear forward and then charges into the fray to aid the Hunstmen.
• In the first few moments of combat things appear to go badly, all but Durmik of the huntsmen are dropped by their goblin adversaries.
• Dex and Hubert snipe out of the woods and have decent impact on the battle while Ortwin works diligently to drop the Ice Strikers.
• Surrounded by Frost Drakes and a Goblin Brute, Xugag takes a beating but also manages to deliver some significant damage to the foes.
• Xugag is knocked unconscious by the Goblin Brute but as he hits the ground the icy cold of the snow revives him and he leaps up after a moments pause to re-enter the fray.
• Dex is taken down around the same time by the Frost Drakes and doesn’t fare nearly as well as Xugag. He lies unconscious for almost half the battle.
• Ortwin, finally eliminating the threat of the Ice Strikers, leaps from the cliffs into the trees and charges into the battle to aid his fallen comrades. Only Hubert remaining to face the Goblin Brute alongside Durmik.
• After finally dropping the last of the goblins and drakes in the central group, the party concentrate on the two remaining snow goblin archers on the southern cliff.
• Hubert is able to drop one of the goblins with a well placed sling stone.
• The other goblin flees and Xugag and Ortwin rush off to intercept it.
• The party are able to bring the last snow goblin down before it gets away.
• As they regroup to survey the aftermath of the battle, they realize that Dex remains unconscious, all but Durmik of the Huntsmen are either unconscious or dead and 14 Snow Goblins, 5 Ice Strikers, 2 Snow Goblin Brutes and 3 Frost Drakes lay dead or dying. The magnitude of the battle slowly sinks in.

Next Session Start Point

• Early Evening 19 November 1775
• Aftermath of rescuing the Huntsmen.

Key NPCs from this Session

• Durmik: Lieutenant of the Northern Huntsmen (bad attitude towards the party)


Treasure: 25 gp, 120 sp, 2 potions of healing, weapons and armour from adversaries and fallen huntsmen, winter gear and rations from fallen huntsmen.
Experience Points: 105 xp each (180 for Enc 2, 240 for Enc 3 = 420/4)
Cumulative Experience: 135 xp each

Session One Summary
The Birth of the Misfits of Wildwood

Session Number One – The Journey Into the Tanglewood Begins

Session Start Date: 15 November 1775

Session End Date: 19 November 1775

Players: Dale, Chris, Jeff and Andrew
Characters: Hubert, Xugag, Nanda, Ortwin and Dex


15 November – The Restful Ranger – The Genesis of the Misfits of Wildwood

• K’Lossis Maragin introduces the need for volunteers
• Snow Goblins have descended down from their traditional mountaintop caves
• Normally Snow Goblins are only a problem in the highest mountain passes and usually only to the Northeast of Wildwood
• Selection is done by the 8 Lieutenants of the Northern Huntsmen
• Throughout the selection the party are overlooked by the Lieutenants – often in a less than positive way
• On completion of selection only a handful of people have not been selected
• After process is complete Ortwin tries to find out from Durmik why they were rejected
• Durmik points out that they are all Misfits and didn’t deserve to be selected
• Hubert, Dex, Nanda, Ortwin and Xugag conclude that if they are Misfits that they will be Misfits together
• The Misfits of Wildwood are born
• The Misfits decide they will show everyone and will contribute with or without having been selected
• They proceed to Talon’s Outfitters (Dex’s Father’s Shop) and gear up for the Cold Weather
• Nanda departs prior to this to locate a suitable “Sled Dog”
• They all agree to meet the next morning prior to first light at the Restful Ranger

16 November – The Restful Ranger, Northeastern Shore of Lake Everchill – The Misfits proceed into the Wilds

• After a hearty breakfast at the Restful Ranger the Misfits prepare to depart
• Durmik provides a few parting shots which the Misfits allow to roll off of them
• Nanda introduces the party to their Sled Dog, Stinky, an animal companion that has an interesting resemblance to Nanda
• The party head off along the now frozen surface of Lake Everchill – heading Northeastward
• The day passes slowly but uneventfully as they get used to their snow shoes, their gear and travelling with each other
• The camp for the night on the Shore of the Lake

17 November – Northeastern Shore of Lake Everchill – Ice Troll Attack

• As the party awakes after passing their first and uneventful night in the Wilds, the weather begins to turn
• They travel along the shore because the ice is dodgy in this portion of Lake Everchill
• As the approach a stream crossing, Hubert and Stinky notice a large form clutching a tree about 50 feet away
Encounter 1: Ice Troll
• An Ice Troll Attacks!!
• Hubert and Nanda startled by the appearance of the Troll hold and reposition.
• The Troll charges in to engage Xugag
• Dex, Xugag and Ortwin engage the Troll
• Hubert cast Colour Spray – the Troll is overcome by the spell and flees the group
• The opportunity attacks caused by the Troll fleeing cause it to drop unconscious
• It’s regenerative powers see it come back to and nearly deal Xugag a death blow
• Hubert rushes into combat with a burning torch wielded like a club
• Hubert miraculously takes the Troll down and burns its unconscious body
• The party find the Trolls cave and discover some treasure as well as a deceased and partially eaten Huntsman
• The weather takes a real turn for the worse and the party decide to encamp in the Ice Troll’s Cave

17-19 November – the Ice Troll’s Cave – Blizzard!

• The party spend from the evening of 17 November to the morning of 19 November holed up in the Ice Cave
• Several feet of snow fall and the winds are horrific
• Weather finally breaks overnight on 18 November and the morning of 19 November is a cold but fine day.

Next Session Start Point

• Early Morning 19 November 1775
• Departing the Ice Troll’s Cave

Key NPCs from this Session

• K’Lossis Maragin: Captain of the Northern Huntsmen and original member of the Order of the Wild
• Durmik: Lieutenant of the Northern Huntsmen (bad attitude towards the party)
• Drurius: Retired Northern Huntsmen – his daughter (Corrina) was selected as one of the augmentees
• Celwyn: Private Huntsmen from the Area (was sleeping during selection process) was selected as Augmentee
• Ryan Scalden: Deceased Huntsmen found in Ice Troll Cave


Treasure: 200 gp, 220 sp, +1 Dagger, and Boots of Striding and Springing

Experience Points: 30 xp each
Cumulative Experience: 30 xp each

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