The Soulblight

The World of Volarinth has always been a dark and dangerous place, however, in that darkness there has always been shining bastions of hope – the Solarsin Empire, The City-State of Dorovinaire and Magius to name but a few – but these lights have been all but extinguished. The Kingdom of Solarsis has been shattered, among its remains there exists small bastions of light, but at its core, those lands once representing the largest force of good in the world have been overtaken by darkness. Dorovinaire, without Solarsis to balance the playing field, has become entirely focused on survival. The Questing Mages of Magius, a force for good in the past have not been seen for many decades.

The cataclysmic events that have sundered all of Volarinth have left the world in a tenuous state – despite the darkness that has wrapped its veil around civilization, life goes on and goodness remains, but will or even can it regain its former glory – without heroes to push back the shadow and oppose the ever advancing darkness evil is sure to prevail. The very soul of Volarinth is at risk, without change, the sickness that has stripped much of the mystical power from the realms will tear it apart. How can you prevent the spread of the Soulblight…

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